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Andrea Sweeney-Blanco

Andrea was born in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico and has lived in several cities in both Mexico and the U.S. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she is experienced in film, theatre, television, commercial work, voiceover and radio.

Acting veteran since age six, she began her artistic career in Theatre in Mexico. After moving to Los Angeles, at age 12 she began to do commercial, film and television work.

She focuses her career on international outreach, having worked in the UK, Germany, Mexico and the US . A citizen of the US and Mexico, Andrea currently has a base in Los Angeles, CDMX, Boston and Atlanta. 

"It is always a privilege to collaborate with great filmmakers creatively and professionally, but rarely does one get to be involved in a project that also involves powerful messages of hope, faith and empowerment. This film allowed me to dive into the world of a woman that stood to lose everything, and yet in that journey found a deeper connection with God and deeper meaning for her life. It challenged me to dive deeper into my own mind and heart in order to experience her world and tell her truth in an honest way. This is not always a comfortable process, as it opens up an awareness to parts of one’s Self that were neatly packaged and put away… I am blessed by this story and those of many other resilient people that seek redemption through times of turbulence and trial. I am also deeply moved by the ministry of Jesus reminding us to embrace and love people, for we truly never know what struggles anyone is going through. When we live with an open heart toward the suffering of others, we find a deeper meaning behind all things. To impact, to change, to save even one life makes all the difference in this lifetime. I am so grateful to Trix6 Films, Patrick, and St. Kilian church for their devotion to living ministry through example and outreach".

-Andrea Sweeney Blanco

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