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Tilma Films and Trick Entertainment 

 Juan Ignacio Pena, CEO and Producer of Tilma Films is teaming with Patrick Rivera and Trick Entertainment to help co-produce the animated feature film titled "Mexicana".  

Three great childhood friends are separated as they grow up: Ome is named warrior leader of the Aztecs, Xochi becomes a sensitive artist, and Cuau adopts the faith of the Spanish missionaries and becomes Juan Diego.

In 1531 their world is on the verge of collapse, just as a conspiracy hatched by the evil spirit Nahualli and the Spanish General threatens the fragile peace in those lands. But a real miracle is about to happen, and it will be the key for the three friends to believe that coexistence is possible, giving way to the union of the two peoples, to their cultural and racial mixing, and to the birth of the great Mexican nation.

We were able to gather a world-class team who believed in this idea, from our Latin Grammy award winning composer Alexander Ache and Score Composer Emmy award winner Lucas Vidal (Fast and Furious 6 and The Raven) 


The film has raise $3 million to date and we are currently looking to raise another $10 million to finish making the feature length film. You can watch the Animatic pencil animation to see what the film will feel and look like. (You can request the password to watch). I hope after watch the video and looking at the pitch deck you will join us on this journey of creating a great story for the whole family.


Contact Patrick at for a pitch deck and password to watch Animatic video

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Juan Ignacio Pena

Juan Ignacio Peña is a spanish screenwriter and film producer naturalized mexican, who

works between Spain and Mexico, where he has created his companies Cero y Medio

Producciones and TILMA FILMS.

Juan Ignacio Peña became known with the successful animated film THE THREE WISE MEN,

nominated for a Goya Award and released in more than 65 countries. He was also nominated

for the Silver Goddesses for his screenplay for ILUSIONS S.A.



Patrick Rivera

Patrick Rivera is an award winning screenwriter, film producer, and director who owns Trick Entertainment and is co-owner of Trick 6 Films with his partner Rich Siegelman.

Patrick Rivera became known with the successful documentary films The Evolution of Bodybuilding and ASF25,

He has also released the Film ReBroken and the faith based short film Lead me to the Cross. 


Trick Entertainment and Trick 6 Films

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