A visionary from the start, Patrick Rivera, CEO of Trick Entertainment, has spent the last 30 years hand-crafting his extensive knowledge of film and music as a producer, cinematographer, editor, musician, and entrepreneur. He possesses a unique ability to fluidly navigate the sphere of entertainment from a dual perspective, where he easily recognizes, harnesses, and transcends raw creativity into a fully-formed, tangible asset, while simultaneously ensuring all managerial, production and regulatory elements flow seamlessly. At Trick Entertainment, a wholly independent production company, Patrick has created a talent-rich network of creatives, executives, and organizations, which work in tandem to develop, finance, produce and distribute top tier media in various forms such as commercials, promotional pieces, theatrical releases, and short films. Additionally, after producing several successful films, Patrick partnered with another seasoned producer, Richard Siegelman, and created Trick 6 Films, which is an independent studio and distribution company focused on creating/acquiring film and television content with a worldwide reach.

Patrick has built his brands from the ground up, by working tirelessly to create/edit content that stands out, means something, and reaches the right audiences from the right mediums. His diverse and expansive list of credits speaks volumes about his reputation in this industry and the quality of work Trick Entertainment offers. He’s had the privilege of working with major, independent, and international film studios, international film distributors, worldwide TV distributors, record labels, noteworthy bands such as Motorhead, Three Dog Night, and The Busboys, and several high profile companies such as Advanced Molecular Labs, Evogen Nutrition, RX Muscle for Men/Women, and many more. In 2010, he produced Trick Entertainment's critically acclaimed hit, "The Evolution of Bodybuilding," a feature documentary that has been sold in over 27 countries and is considered by IMDB to be the fifth-greatest bodybuilding movie ever made. Patrick has earned numerous accolades including seven Telly awards and a spot on Orange County’s 100 most influential Latino leaders list.